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The Plaintiff was appointed as the receiver manager by the Asset management Corporation of Nigeria AMCON to recover the assets/debts owed by the 2nd Plaintiff Company and sued the Defendants to recover debts owed.

We were retained to defend the 4th Defendant and the party sought to be joined in the suit as 7th Defendant.

Parties were served with the ex-parte Order of court freezing the account of the party sought to be joined as 7th Defendant and garnishee proceeding were commenced against the various accounts of the 2nd Plaintiff, garnishees filed their applications to show cause and we filed an objection challenging the jurisdiction of the court to hear this matter.

Garnishees were duly discharged, based on the affidavits they filed, and the parties entered into a successful settlement negotiations and the terms of settlement were drawn up, signed and entered as the Judgment of Court.

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