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Insolvency and Capital Markets

Insolvency is the inability of an individual or entity to pay its debts as and when they fall due and the process involved in debt recovery. Insolvency law involves using legal tools to recover debts, non performing loans, insolvency related litigation, negation with creditors for settlement, security and credit reviews for lenders and borrowers. Capital […]


It is important to look at the regulatory framework, as well as the types of task collected by the Federal and State government. The liabilities for failure to pay tax and the duration of taxes to be paid, we work with our clients and advise on the need to pay their taxes, manage and resolve, […]

Intellectual Property, Media and Entertainment Law

This area involves legal rights to creative works and inventions; it deals with both scientific and creative works. It focuses on providing legal solutions as regards the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights; protecting creative artists, broadcasting, publishing, music (including review and negotiation of contracts), film and television (entertainments), sports, digital media- including games […]

Corporate Commercial Law

Corporate law also known as “Company Law” is a field that governs the formation of companies, shareholder rights, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, licensing arrangements, venture capital financing, business agreements, providing legal advice and opinions to Companies, Corporate investors and Financial Institutions and the general operations of Corporations. Commercial law relates to trade and sales, […]

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